Centor S4 Screens

Centor S4 Screen for large openings like Folding Glass Doors


The largest and most robust retractable screening system on the market, Centor's award-winning S4 screen and shade system is perfect for any sizable architectural opening. This superbly effective, world-first screening solution for openings up to 29.5 feet wide and 10.5 feet tall, means there's no reason to compromise between uninterrupted views and unrestricted movement in the summer months and the need to eliminate annoying pests year-round.

Used singly, or paired together to allow for an infinitely adjustable opening position, Centor's S4 screen systems are ready for action as soon as temperatures allow for open doors, the rest of the year they can be rolled back out of view - a revolutionary response to unpleasant pests for those who hate to compromise on style.

Considered Design

The Considered design of Centor's S4 door screen system means it complements any large opening. The system is available in custom colors and real wood veneer finishes. The hardware is integrated into the frame itself, keeping all the lines smooth and clean. A range of Centor innovations ensure that the whole package functions simply and smoothly.

Load Balancing Technology™

Load Balancing Technology (LBT™) allows for the sort of effortless fingertip control synonymous with Centor products. With no crude spring-loading to fight against, the screen's lead-stile remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied. Load-balancing also means far greater mesh tension across the screen, eliminating any tendency for sag.

Tight Technology™

Tight Technology™ manufacturing techniques ensure control of the horizontal edges of the screen so they remain straight and tight across the widest spans.

Shock Absorption

A shock absorption system allows the system to absorb shocks made to the screen with out having damage caused to the system itself.

Self-Feeding Mechanism

The system is designed to move a screen that has been knocked off track by strong winds back into place as the screen is rolled away into the jambs.

Shade and Mesh Materials

Two sizes of mesh are available, more open for increased air flow or tight weave to keep the very small pests outside where they belong. There four different styles of shade fabrics, each type have several color options to best match your personal space and function.