Bifolding Interior Doors - Alternative to French Doors (cont.)

French doors offer an elegant and finished look over outdated sliding glass doors. However, French doors have limitations and significantly reduce your usable space. Lanai Doors bifolding systems offer you a similar elegant finished look while increasing your usable space. Not to say that French doors are the look of the past, but today's homeowners want more functionality coupled with elegant looking alternatives.

As an example, a 9'0" wide opening will require a pair of 3'0" French doors with two side lites to enclose the entire space. This can look very elegant but you loose functionality. If the French doors are left open you would only be left with a 6'0" opening. With a Lanai Doors system you can easily retract all door panels to benefit from the entire 9'0" opening. We would recommend filling this space with a 3-panel Lanai Doors system that fits your functional needs. You would have the choice between eight different configuration combinations (one-left, two-right; one-right, two-left; three-right; three-left; inswing or outswing) compared to your French door limitations of inswing or outswing.

Our advantage over French doors even goes further. Lanai Doors systems offer an elegant style and rail natural solid wood doors in both stain-grade or paint-grade finishes. Additionally, Lanai Doors has the added benefit to choose the number of separate lites creating the finished look you are trying to achieve in your project.