Lanai Doors™ Bi-fold Systems are the Perfect Alternative to Traditional Glass Exterior Doors & Glass Pocket Door Systems

Lanai Doors – Bringing the Outside In™

It's your dream, and it's our goal to make it a reality. Adding a Lanai Door is an investment in your lifestyle. Imagine entertaining in a bright, inviting room, or adding additional square footage to your business. Installing Lanai Doors allows you to bring the outdoors in. You can easily reinvent the environment on any room you choose. Unlike many French doors, the addition of Lanai Doors add beauty, grace, light and atmosphere.

Alternative to Other Patio Doors

Lanai Doors are a great alternative to French doors and other custom door applications that could cost you twice the price. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable these custom doors are. Lanai Doors allows you to be able to add beauty and elegance at an affordable price, creating a unique and expensive looking environment that belies the affordable pricing. That's why we are proud to offer Lanai Doors™, which are considered to be the perfect alternative to traditional French doors and custom Lift & Slide systems.

Open Up Your Space

Our exclusive bi-folding door and window system is designed to fit most interior and exterior openings. With Lanai Doors your space will be filled with maximum light and air, bringing the outdoors in. Lanai Doors, unlike French doors, are the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used wherever you'd like to add additional space or wherever you'd like to create a feeling of openness with your own wall of windows.

If you feel limited by the dimensions of any space in your home or business, give Lanai Doors or Windows an opportunity to create an entirely new experience. Lanai bifold sliding door systems can open up cramped-seating spaces and make them alive with light - creating a relaxing and uplifting ambiance in any room.

Lanai is Committed to Quality & Performance

Lanai bifold sliding door systems are featured in homes and businesses across the United States and surrounding islands. These weatherproof sliding doors work in almost any climate. Because of our weather tight seal system our sliding door and window products have been installed in both cold weather applications, such as those found in Colorado, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and also warm weather applications found in California, Florida, Bahamas, Hawaii, and Nevada to name just a few. Our airtight, weatherproof doors can withstand the harshest of winters or the warmest of summers. So whether you are living in the tropical sultry zones of Florida or the icy climes of Minnesota, there is a Lanai sliding door or window system that is just right for you.

Custom Mill

Our family owned and operated mill constructs Lanai Doors out of wood, clad, or aluminum, depending on your custom needs. We offer dual glazed or laminated or monolithic glass with the option of adding Low E and other energy saving coatings and tinting. Our Lanai bifold door systems can be used for either interior or exterior applications. Lanai Doors add beauty to your home or commercial space while giving you peace of mind and the satisfaction that you have chosen the very best.