The New Elegance in French Patio Door Systems

The patio area of the home should be filled with light. A typical glass patio door is designed to open inwards and outwards and offer a remarkable amount of light. A French patio door system has two doors that meet elegantly in the center, which is another way to add personality, style and a bit of the old world to the new. However, the French patio door, no matter how elegantly appointed, uses space poorly.

Most French patio door systems open inwards and therefore require space to sweep their arc to the wall; therefore, it is important to avoid placing furniture anywhere that might impede the doors. French patio doors can cost as much as five to six square feet of unusable space that must be available for the door to swing open and closed.

A patio door should not only let in the maximum amount of light, but also take up the least amount of space. Imagine a transparent wall that only keeps out the elements, but none of the beauty. Lanai doors offer a designer’s evolutionary leap from the French patio door. What makes the design so revolutionary is that lanai doors are about the light, the space and the feel of the home and not about the door.

When one thinks of a French patio door, the garden beyond and the home are just the setting. Lanai doors emphasize the home and the space. Lanai doors bring the outside indoors and provide the maximum amount of natural light in a minimum amount of space.

Redoing the patio? Redoing the patio doors? Before choosing a French patio door system, consider Lanai doors instead. The modernized elegance is ideal for not only making the home more accessible, but also inviting. The modern home should feature a mix of old world styles with modern efficiency.