Bifolding Exterior Doors - Alternative to French Doors

Optimize Space

Because sliding glass doors and French doors limit your usable space, you may be actually diminishing the dimensions of your residential or commercial space by installing old-fashioned French doors. That's why we created Lanai Doors, which unlike French doors, help you get the most out of your space. With a Lanai Door, you are able to use the entire opening and benefit from the infusion of air and light suddenly introduced into your space. Lanai Doors, unlike French doors, truly bring the outdoors in.

Custom Bifolding Solutions

There are numerous configurations of Lanai Doors available and we have a design to fit any requirement you may have. The most common configuration provides a combination of panels that make your space practical and beautiful. While the one "active" panel can be used for easy everyday in and out access, the other panels are locked in place and secure - yet still allowing the light and air to come in. Depending on the configuration you choose, you can even have two panels that act as French Doors for day-to-day use.

Lifestyle | Beauty | Elegance

Unlike French doors, on beautiful days you can unlock our flush bolt locking system and gently slide the panels out of the way. Your living space is now infused with sunshine and fresh air. You will revel in the beautiful ambiance created by our unique bifolding door systems, which is something that is difficult to create with traditional French doors. Whatever your specific needs, our friendly sales consultants are happy to discuss the requirements for your new space and the configurations that would best suit your lifestyle and architecture.

Folding Door Experts

Much like French doors, our exterior units are also available in aluminum, wood and clad. There are several color and track options available to you so you can easily match your existing decor. We offer single or dual glazing systems. A custom Lanai Door also provides a variety of wood species as well as custom glass options allowing you to customize your system to your specific design. Our doors are also available with multiple lites, which give you a look that is similar to many French doors. Talk to one of our folding door experts today, and allow us to turn your vision into a reality.