Why A Bifold Door?

When it comes to choosing your exterior door for a patio area, why would you want to choose a bifold door? There are many reasons to choose a bifold door; however, let’s start by focusing on what happens to exterior doors on a standard home. Many homes have wood or aluminum exterior doors. Depending on the amount of moisture in the air, a wood door may swell or shrink, which means that they need to be protected with paint.

A bifold door from Lanai doors is designed around a system that is totally adjustable by the homeowner. A door that swells will not stick nor will it become unhinged. A screwdriver can adjust the bifold door where it hangs. A standard door that swings inwards or outwards is dependent on the hinges. If the hinges come loose, it may not close properly or it may be difficult to open. A bifold door folds, each area is completely adjustable and where new hardware might be needed to repair a standard door; you will not need that with a bifold door.

Bifold doors operate on the principle that a door should be simple. There should not be deep grooves in the floor where the door is dragged across it. There also should not be ten inches of weather stripping because the swelling door in combination with the settling house warped the doorframe.

A bifold door takes up far less space. Bifold doors can also wrap around a corner of a house and do not need to be centered into a supporting wall. Imagine a wraparound patio accessible by a wraparound door. A bifold door frees up the homeowner to more options, more space and a way of looking at the world that is definitely outside the box.