Aluminum Folding Glass Doors and Windows

Lanai Doors Aluminum Folding Glass Doors open to patio with infinity pool and view of downtown Los Angeles


Lanai Doors™ top-hung aluminum folding door and window systems are a great alternative to traditional French doors, sliders, pocket doors and pass-thru windows in residential, hospitality and commercial applications. Our systems are installed from the Virgin Islands to the Hawaiian Islands; from The Hamptons to Costa Rica. Aluminum is a long-lasting low maintenance non-warping alternative to wood. Aluminum doors and windows give you more finishing alternatives with the retro look of clear anodized or the warmth of bronze anodized; and painted finish to match existing wood, clad or vinyl doors and windows. Aluminum doors and windows maximize your view when the system is locked down because of the narrow 3 inch wide styles and 3 ½ inch wide rails.

Quality; Flexibility; and Creativity

We use various southern California aluminum extruders to manufacture all of our aluminum bifolding system components. We design and maintain our own dies, which allow us to decide when and how we enhance and improve our folding system. As an example of our flexibility, in 2007, based on customer demand, Lanai Doors™ now offers a low-rise threshold. We use the highest quality 6063-T5 aluminum, commonly referred to as the architectural alloy, which has a high degree of resistance to corrosion.

Extremely Large Openings and Multiple Configurations

The maximum size aluminum door panel is 4' 3" wide by 13' 1" tall, up to 350 pounds, and 1-¾" thick. A single system can be as large as 68 feet wide by 13 feet tall. With a 4' 3" wide by 13' 1" tall panel, 84 percent of each door would be made up of glass. In a 68 foot wide system, that would equate to nearly 60 feet of glass – what a view. Lanai Doors™ aluminum folding door and window systems can be configured to stack outside or inside your house. You also have the option of any combination of panels stacking either to the left or to the right, neither direction to exceed eight folding panels. These industry leading options allow you to Bring The Outdoors In in a big way.

Standard Pricing

Lanai Doors™ bi-folding glass systems are priced on a per panel basis and are built to either your actual rough opening dimensions, or we will calculate for you the size of rough opening required for a panel size of your choice. Lanai Doors™ standard priced aluminum door and window system includes:

  • Panel up to 36 inches wide and up to 96 inches high
  • Clear / bronze anodized or 5 standard paint colors
  • Standard / low-rise aluminum threshold / flush guide for a seamless transition
  • One-lite IG clear tempered (dual glazed) or laminate glass
  • Stainless Steel / Bright Gold / Bronze Hardware
  • 3 inch style and 3 ½ inch rail; jamb width is 4 inches

In addition to the Lanai Doors™ standard system, customers have various tinted and designer glass options, kickplates, true divided lites, custom paint, and panels up to 51 inches wide and up to 13 feet tall. We build our folding systems to your custom order!

Shipped Broken Down For On-Site Assembly

The frame and door panels are pre-drilled with hardware and weather stripping already attached. The frame is broken down into its four pieces (header, two jambs and threshold) and panels are shipped individually. Lanai Doors™ provides detailed installation guidelines and you are able to use your own experienced installers.

Lanai Doors™ is now Hurricane Certified. Please check out our Press Releases and our Hurricane Door and Window Pages for more information.

Not Thermally Broken

Lanai Doors™ aluminum bifold door and window extruded aluminum systems are contiguous aluminum and are not thermally broken.


Lanai Doors™ folding glass walls can be customized to fit the needs of your project. Do you want 3 panels stacking to the left and a swing door to the right, or all of them to the right? Maybe you want a stationary side-lite with 5 folding panels, or a zero post corner unit? If you have an idea, let us know, and we will try to make it happen. The following is a list of some of the many customizations that we can do for you:

  • Panels sizes up to 51" wide by 157" tall
  • Over 150 different configurations (3 left-1 right, 8 right, Inswing, Outswing, etc.)
  • Optional oversized bottom and top rails (7-3/16" and 10-13/16")
  • Multiple threshold types from weather-tight to commercial to seamless
  • Custom glass available, we will work with our suppliers to find the glass that you need for your project
  • Simulated divided lites (SDLs) or muntins are also available
  • Hinge hardware finishes can be Stainless Steel or Dark Bronze PVD or Bright Brass (Gold)
  • Locking hardware is available in White, Satin Chrome, Brushed Chrome, or Dark Bronze
  • Aluminum finishes can be custom anodized, and custom painted to match any color and Kynar finishes
  • Corner units designed without a post
  • Stationary side lite integrated with the folding panels
  • Curved / Radius systems
  • Pass through windows, optionally available without a bottom track
  • Door and window combinations
  • Accessibility control locking options
  • Custom Insect Screen Integration


Lanai Doors™ Aluminum Folding Door & Window Systems :

Lanai Doors aluminum folding glass doors and windows have been laboratory tested in accordance with industry standards. Our aluminum systems have been tested for energy performance, forced entry, wind loads, water tightness, and air infiltration. All of our systems have passed the ASTM forced entry test. There are many variables that enter into testing for energy performance, wind loads, water tightness, and air infiltration; so we have organized most of the information into tables.

Lanai Doors™ is committed to Quality

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Our products have been NFRC tested and rated. One of our focuses is on providing the customer with the most energy efficient folding doors and windows.

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We are committed to a greener future. Looking to qualify a LEED project? Our products can help you achieve the LEED ratings for your next project.

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Structural Integrity

Our focus has been on quality since day one. We design our products without compromise, and we follow through by testing to ensure our products to meet the strict testing standards for Air & Water Infiltration, Structural Design Pressures, and Forced Entry Requirements.

Structure & Infiltration testing results

Lanai Doors™
ASTM, AAMA 101, WDMA I.S.2 & CSA A440-05 Report
Standard Aluminum Stiles
Standard Aluminum Threshold
Tested Aluminum
6063-T5 Architectural Aluminum
Unit size - 238-5/8" w x 124-3/8"h
Six (6) Panels - 39"w x 120"h
Title of Test Results Allowed
Air Leakage
Infiltration per ASTM E 283
1.57 psf
0.03 cfm/ft2
0.30 cfm/ft2
Air Leakage
Infiltration per ASTM E 283
6.24 psf
0.07 cfm/ft2
0.30 cfm/ft2
Water Penetration
per ASTM E 547 and ASTM E 331
9.19 psf
No leakage
Design Pressure
per ASTM E 330
+40 psf
125 mph winds
-46.6 psf
135 mph winds
Forced Entry Resistance
per ASTM F 842, AAMA 1304, & CAWM
Type: A - Grade: 10
300 lbs
No Entry
Operating Force
per ASTM E 2068
Initiate motion:
22 N (5 lbf)
Maintain motion:
13.3 N (3 lbf)
26.7 N (6 lbf)
17.8 N (4 lbf)

NFRC testing results

Lanai Doors™
NFRC U-Factor, SHGC, VT & CR Report Standard Aluminum Stiles
Tested Aluminum
6063-T5 Architectural Aluminum
Unit size - 75-1/2"w x 82-3/8"h
2-Panels - 36"w x 78-5/8"h
Glazing Details U-Factor SHGC VT CR
1/8" SB60 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" 0.57 0.30 0.50 16
1/8" SB70 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" 0.57 0.21 0.45 16
1/8" RLE7036 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" 0.57 0.29 0.49 16
1/8" SNX6227 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" 0.57 0.22 0.43 16
1/8" 272 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" 0.58 0.31 0.50 16
1/8" 366 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" 0.57 0.21 0.45 16
1/8" 272 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.53 0.31 0.49 16
1/8" 366 | 5/8" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.53 0.21 0.44 16
1/8" SB60 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" 180 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.49 0.26 0.43 16
1/8" SB70 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" 180 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.49 0.19 0.38 16
1/8" RLE7036 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" 180 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.49 0.26 0.42 16
1/8" SNX6227 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" 180 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.49 0.19 0.37 16
1/8" 272 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" 180 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.49 0.27 0.43 16
1/8" 366 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" 180 | 5/16" Argon | 1/8" i89 0.49 0.19 0.38 16


Profile drawings of our Aluminum Systems

E3 Aluminum
Threshold Description
Plan View
Flush Guide
Lowrise Threshold
Lowrise Inside Flush
Standard Threshold
Weeping Flush Guide