Glass Pocket Door

Lanai Doors™ Bi-fold Systems are the Perfect Alternative to Traditional Glass Exterior Doors & Glass Pocket Door Systems Bring the Outside In

Glass exterior doors invite the outside world into the home. A glass pocket door is a popular way to achieve this effect. Compared to the French patio door, the glass pocket door makes use of space by sliding into a pocket in the wall. The doors can be made from a wide range of material. However, the glass pocket door requires a thicker wall in order to accommodate the pocket, while Lanai Doors can be retrofit with almost any existing standard wall thickness.  Installing a glass pocket door requires a wall to 'pocket' the panel, and this usually requires tearing out a wall & re-constucting it if it was not done when the home was first built. Lanai Doors can transform that wasted wall space into beautiful views and more open space. Lanai Doors can work with almost any standard wall thickness.

The large picture window and glass exterior doors are most likely to be installed on the side or rear of the home. They usually open up onto the patio, the deck or the backyard. The psychological link between the interior and exterior of a home is often emphasized with glass exterior doors.

Glass exterior doors act like a functional window. They give residents a chance to appreciate exterior beauty from inside their home. Glass exterior doors can come in many different styles or fashions. Among the most popular styles of glass exterior doors are:

  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Glass Pocket Door Systems
  • French Patio Doors
  • Lanai Doors Glass Bi-folding Doors
  • Other Folding Glass Wall Systems

There are benefits to each type of these glass exterior doors as well as drawbacks. Most of these glass exterior doors come in a wide range of quality and materials. Remember, when made from wood, they need to be stained or painted to protect them from the elements. The different styles of glass exterior doors also require different methods of maintenance and hardware. Sliding glass doors, pocket doors, and some other folding glass wall systems require unsightly tracks or thresholds on the floor that collect dust, dirt and debris, which can also impact their functionality. Lanai Doors effortlessly glide along a track in the ceiling or header, and our systems can utilize a flush guide threshold which can make your interior and exterior floor transitions appear seamless!

The Lanai Doors Glass bi-folding door and window system is unique among glass exterior doors because they utilize the maximum amount of available space.

  • Lanai Doors do not require changes to already existing wall space,
  • Lanai Doors do not require you to install unsightly hardware on the floor,
  • Lanai Doors have been weather tested, and
  • Lanai Doors truly open up your space Bringing the Outdoors In!

Our glass exterior doors use laminated or dual glazed glass. By mixing beauty, space efficiency and functionality, Lanai Doors are among the best glass exterior systems for residential homes and commercial sites alike.

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