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Lanai Doors is the leader in providing a high quality alternative to traditional French doors and other sliding door systems. Lanai sliding door and window systems will work for virtually any interior or exterior openings. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand the needs of home and business owners and we take pride in offering our customers the very best alternatives to French doors and other sliding door products.

Lanai bifold sliding door systems let you take control of your space.

We are proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of Lanai Doors™, which are unlike any other French door, patio door or sliding door on the market. Operating since 1990, our local mill will make you the perfect Lanai sliding door to fit your specific needs. We offer a full range of wood, aluminum clad wood, and 100% aluminum sliding door and window systems. Lanai Doors, which are the perfect alternative to French doors, will allow you to bring the outdoors in!

Why Lanai Doors Instead of Traditional French Doors and Other Sliding Door Systems?

  • Unlike some French doors, a Lanai bifold sliding door can offer natural light while fully open, partially opened or completely closed; an open wall of light is the essence of a modern outdoor room
  • Lanai Doors add square footage when used in a restaurant or retail shop
  • The locking system passes forced entry requirements
  • Lanai Doors open outward leaving more room for interior furnishings
  • Lanai Doors are the perfect alternative to many French doors and sliding door systems

Customers who are shopping for French doors typically end up choosing a Lanai Door bifolding system because of the flexibility and our ability to customize door size and materials. Unlike French doors that limit the door swing to one direction, Lanai Doors offer a virtual wall of windows that are able to completely or partially open or close depending on your needs.

Also, unlike French doors that limit the available space by requiring windows on either side of the door opening, Lanai Doors offer a unique bifolding door system that allows you to maximize the space in your room.

Our exclusive Lanai bifold sliding door system, unlike French doors, will allow you to create a unique living or commercial space that fits the exact requirements for your home or business environment. Whether you are trying to lighten up a dark space, create a feeling of spaciousness in a residential or commercial area or breathe new life into a neglected room, Lanai Doors are the ideal way to give any space a facelift.

Lanai Doors, the perfect alternative to both French doors and other sliding door systems, are now shipping Internationally!

Lanai Doors are manufactured in Southern California and have been installed in commercial, hospitality, and residential applications from the Virgin Islands to the Hawaiian Islands; from Canada to Costa Rica; from The Hamptons to Southern California. Lanai bifold sliding doors are delivered by various national & international shipping companies. Your beautiful doors will arrive in pristine condition, ready to transform your living or commercial space into a whole new environment.

Please contact us with any questions. We will be happy to explain how Lanai Doors are different from French doors and other sliding door systems. Quotes are always free. We look forward to doing business with you!

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DP-70 Miami-Dade & Florida Hurricane Certified Door and Window

DP-70 ASTM Hurricane Tested Glass Wall

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